AI Ground Control Station

The AI GCS empowers users with real-time monitoring, autonomous mission planning, secure communication, advanced telemetry, intuitive interface, and seamless updates, providing full control and actionable insights for optimized drone operations.


The Drones tab in our GCS Dashboard provides a comprehensive suite of controls and features for seamless drone operation and monitoring. From this tab, users have access to a range of functionalities, including gimbal control, real-time camera feed, drone statistics analytics, and the ability to arm and disarm drones. Additionally, users can select the specific drone they wish to fly and utilize, ensuring flexibility and efficient drone deployment. The tab also offers customizable widgets for monitoring drone speed and direction, enabling users to maintain precise control and awareness during flight operations. With the Drones tab, users can confidently manage and operate their drones with ease, harnessing the full potential of our GCS for successful missions and aerial tasks.


The Missions tab in our DroneAI Dashboard empowers users to plan, manage, and execute missions with utmost precision. From this tab, users can access a comprehensive record of previous missions and leverage valuable insights for future planning. The intuitive interface allows users to define mission parameters such as flight paths, altitudes, and other permissions. With seamless integration of map-based features, users can easily designate mission areas and efficiently assign drones for specific tasks. Whether it's mapping, surveying, or surveillance, the Missions tab ensures efficient mission execution, enabling users to accomplish their objectives with confidence and accuracy.

The AI Models tab in our DroneAI Dashboard unlocks the power of artificial intelligence for various applications. With a range of pre-trained models available, users can leverage advanced capabilities such as vehicle detection, fire detection, defect detection, and industrial inspection. This tab provides seamless integration and deployment of AI models, enabling users to enhance their drone operations with intelligent insights and actionable data. By leveraging AI technology, users can optimize efficiency, increase safety, and unlock new possibilities in diverse industries, making the most out of their drone capabilities.