AI Powered
Drone-Autopilot with 5G

Unleash the power of AI-enabled drones with our seamless Plug-n-Play package, transforming aerial capabilities with advanced features like object detection, tracking, and real-time analytics.

DroneAI takes your drone capabilities to new heights by offering a range of powerful AI models. These AI models are specifically designed for various domains such as smart cities, construction, retail, and industrial sectors. With AI Models on DroneAI, you can automate monitoring of packaging lines, implement outdoor parking guidance and management solutions, track people flow, detect driver drowsiness, optimize traffic management with AI, and ensure construction line safety.

Assemble with DroneAI

DroneAI is a compact and powerful AI box designed to seamlessly integrate with any drone. With its ESC connection port, battery connection port, GPS module, and 4G/5G telemetry antenna, it empowers drones with advanced AI capabilities, enabling precise control, autonomous missions, extended flight time, and real-time communication.

Take your drone capabilities to new heights with Drone Hawk 5G, featuring cutting-edge AI technology and 5G connectivity. Enjoy high-speed data transfer, real-time video streaming, and intelligent flight modes, making it the perfect choice for professional aerial photography, surveillance, and industrial applications.

Drone Hawk AI

Unlock the full potential of your drone with Drone Hawk AI, a state-of-the-art attachment equipped with advanced machine learning capabilities. Detect, track, and recognize objects with precision, gain real-time analytics and predictive insights, and customize AI algorithms for tailored applications in commercial and industrial sectors.


Our advanced dashboard provides real-time monitoring, tracking, updating, and autonomous mission capabilities for seamless drone operations. Take full control and enhance situational awareness with our comprehensive GCS solution, empowering you to maximize the potential of your drones.